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Laura Aronson

Laura Aronson is the founder and Lead Designer of Lora Aron clothing line focused on sustainable wardrobe essentials that are chic and comfortable. Her design inspiration stems from her grandmother, who immigrated from Eastern Europe to Chicago in the 1930’s, and brought her exceptional sewing skills, and later played a significant role in Laura’s fashion journey. Influenced by her grandmother’s craftsmanship, Laura pursued fashion design education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and later extensive coursework in Costume Design. Her professional experiences at various renowned establishments like the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Koss Van Den Akker Couture and Omega Belts in NYC have contributed to her retro, chic, and fun design style. Laura's commitment to continuous learning, teaching sewing and design, using sustainable materials and supporting local garment-making businesses, and creating unique garments culminated in the launch of her inaugural line in 2023 consisting of 9 distinct styles, marking an exciting venture that enables her to connect her passion for design with people who are equally passionate about wearing beautifully and sustainably created clothing.

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